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Find What Makes Your Heart Sing

Life is short, so get busy enjoying it!

As of July 1, 2020, I started a much needed break from working. Like the rest of us at this unprecedented time, finding joy, fulfilling one's purpose, and seeking true meaning in each day seems more important and relevant than ever. I wasn't necessarily in a good position to leave a job- it is a pandemic after all- but sometimes being courageous and taking risks really are the right best option.

Adventure has always been a top value for me along with passion and truth and wisdom. These are all things I hope to touch on as I begin this blog. I want to inspire us all to be our true authentic selves, in all of our glory.

I'm on a quest to discover, explore, dream, and live more fully with a flourishing soul. A soul that says yes each and every day about my life's work, my purpose, my calling. May we start this journey together.

I plan to share photos that inspire, reflections on passages and quotes filled with wisdom and enthusiasm, and Haiku to encourage action and clarity. And so we begin...

Operatic Heart

Come now, sing clearly to me

Release my passions

I ask you, what makes your heart sing?

PHOTO: Spring of 2002, my first trip to Italia. Positano.

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