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Welcome to Jackman Coaching!  


Having spent 20+ years working in the higher education development arena, I've been very fortunate to focus on optimizing the talent management piece. On the recruitment front, I help organizations find and select the right talent - as selecting the right talent to begin with is key, and often the most important part of the equation.  My coaching and consulting services address how to effectively develop staff to be and operate at their best to maximize employee growth and potential.  I also help clients pay better attention to addressing retention on an on-going basis to ensure long-term and sustained success in keeping staff fully engaged and optimally productive.

With my coach approach to talent management, I've focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations paint clear pictures of success, define goals and action steps, and address roadblocks to meet and exceed expectations on the very important people side of business.

As a coach and talent management consultant, I provide the structure, focus, and inspiration, as well as the accountability, to see the vision through to it's realization.

- Betsy Jackman, CPCC


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